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Internal Wall Mold Growth  Caused by
Outside Landscape Water Sprinklers

The frequent wetting of the outside surface of exterior building walls can easily cause internal wall mold growth, as illustrated in these pictures of sprinkler-caused toxic mold growth inside the exterior walls of a house in Victorville, California.  Sprayed water enters to the insides of the walls through wall leaks and by wicking through the porous building materials. The pictures were taken during the mold remediation of the house from Dec. 25, 2015, onward by Certified Environmental Hygienists from EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC.

To hire Upkeep Masters for mold inspection, testing, and remediation for houses and commercial buildings anywhere in California, Arizona, the Midwest, East Coast or most southern states, email mold consultant Phillip Fry, or phone toll-free 866-300-1616 or cell phone 480-310-7970.
Picture of internal mold growwth caused by landscape sprinklers.
Picture of environmental hygienist using a moisture meter to check inside of a wall for possible elevated levels of moisture or wetness.
Certified Environmental Hygienist Divine Fry uses her professional moisture meter to discover that the  inside of the sprinkler-impacted walls are still very wet.
Picture of toxic mold growth on carpet tack strips.
Moldy carpet tack strips as the result of water intrusion from the outside water
landscape sprinklers.
Picture of advanced mold growth inside a wall in Victorville, California. Picture of a high output ozone generator killing mold inside the air ducts of a heating/cooling system in a residence in Victorville, California.
The Certified Environmental Hygienists ran a high output ozone generator inside the HVAC air ducts to kill mold growth therein during the Victorville remediation.
Picture of advanced toxic mold growth inside exterior wall because of water intrusion from water sprinklers.  

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